Contact Overview — Activities And Notes

Your contact's Overview screen contains an Activities and Notes section for the contact. Below is an example of this section: 

Note that there are two tabs here: Past Due and Next 30 (Activities) and Latest Notes. The screenshot above is displaying this area with the Activities tab selected.  

This allows you to see all Past Due activities and activities coming up in the next 30 days for the contact. Information included here: Date, Time, Importance, Priority, a Repeating icon (when applicable), Subject, Type, Category and Attendee(s).

You also have an Actions menu for each activity here that, if clicked, displays multiple possible Actions you may take: 


  • Edit takes you to the activity's Details page, where you can make any desired changes to the Activity. Note - clicking the activity's Subject takes you to this page as well.
  • Complete allows you to mark the activity completed.
  • Reschedule prompts you to choose a new date/time to which to move the activity's due date.
  • Rollover moves the activity's start and end date to today's date.
  • Timeline displays a history of the changes to the activity
  • Delete allows you to delete the activity.

    Now let's take a look at a section of the Latest Notes displayed on the Contact Overview. You can access that by clicking the Latest Notes tab displayed on the screenshot above. You'll then see something like the below:


Here you can quickly gather info on the last five (5) Notes added to the contact's record. You can, of course, go directly to their primary Notes area, but this allows you to see things at a glance from their Overview page. You can also add a comment to, or view previous comments on, a Note from this area. Additionally, you'll see an Actions menu next to the Comments link for each note, which presents further options:


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