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You can use the Memberships section within a contact's Relationships area to set up Family, Business, Association, Trust, Union and other types of relationships. Memberships can be accessed from a contact record under Contacts  —>  Memberships when within their record: 


Below is an example of the Memberships section for one contact: 


Some benefits of using Memberships:

  • the ability to see all non-dependent family members related to the contact in one place, since those would not be added to the contact's Family area
  • keep track of the various organizations the contact is involved with
  • marketing tool — find concentrations of contacts interested in the same groups and develop/cultivate that organization to feed new contacts to the firm
  • keep Trust and Union detailed information separate from contacts while still maintaining a link to the contact.

Setting up Memberships:

Under the Contact Overview menu, clicking the Memberships link carries you to your Contact Record's Memberships section.  Click Add in that section to set up new Memberships: 


You can establish Individual, Business, Association, Trust and Union Memberships. After clicking Add, you'll see the below Add Membership modal: 


If you begin typing the name of the contact with who you want to establish this Membership link in the Linked Contact box, you'll see your options update as you type.  When you see the name you're looking for, just click it.

After selecting the name, you'll then want to designate your choices for the Linked Contact Is and Contact Is fields.  These options will automatically update, dependent upon the Contact Type of the Linked Contact you chose.

Linked Contact Is field: This lets you choose how the contact you are linking to is related to the contact record you are linking from.  For example, using one of our above relationships, Nick Fury is a Referrer of Bruce Banner, and that is reflected as his "Linked Contact Is" value.

Contact Is field: This lets you choose how the contact record that you are currently on is related to the contact that is shown in the Linked Contact field.  For example, if you are currently linking a contact to their Uncle, you'd choose Nephew in the Contact Is field.

Please note that the options available for each field will vary based upon which record type the Linked Contact is (i.e. Individual, Business, Association, Trust, Union).  Also, you can add your own Membership options - learn how here.

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