Know Your Client: Strategic Allocation Model

One of the sections within the Know Your Client area of contact overviews is the Strategic Allocation Model section, accessible by clicking the "Financials" tab at the top of this section: 


To add or edit data, just click the Edit button in the top right corner of this section.  You'll then see the below: 


There are several pieces of information that you can track here:

  • Investment Objective Type — you can create the choices that are available in this menu.  How to create these choices is explained here.
  • Time Horizon — your options here are Short Term, Intermediate or Long Term.
  • Risk Tolerance — your options here are Low, Moderate or High Risk.
  • Experience - Mutual Funds — indicated in years.
  • Experience - Stocks/Bonds — indicated in years.
  • Experience - Partnerships — indicated in years.
  • Experience - Other — indicated in years.
After making your selections and clicking Update, your information will be reflected in this area for the client. 
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