Know Your Client: Professional Contacts

One of the sections within the Know Your Client area of contact records is the Professional Contacts section. Note: unlike much of the Know Your Client information, Professional Contacts are not accessible from a contact's Overview page. You would need to first click Know Your Client from your Left Menu Bar:


Then, Professional Contacts are accessible by clicking "Professional Contacts" on the left-hand side of this section. If you haven't added any information in this section for a contact, it would look like the below: 


To add Professional Contacts, just click the Add button for Professional Contacts.  You'll then see the below: 


You can then begin typing a Professional Contact's Name (Last or First Name) and you should see contact name options from your database appear to select the correct one.  Or, if the Professional Contact isn't currently in your database, you'll have the opportunity to add them here.  After selecting the contact, select their Profession from that box as well and then click add professional contact.  If you added several professional contacts for a record, this area might then look similar to the below:  


The Actions menu to the left of each Professional Contact's name will allow you to edit or delete those relationships when needed. 

Note: Each of the Professional Contact fields can be included in any Custom Exports you build.

Note also that you can add new types of Professional Contacts (select Professions on your Manage Database Lists page to do so).

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