How do I delete contact records in Redtail?

We receive questions every day from Redtail users that center around establishing and maintaining a "clean" database.  You can read here about how to combine records within your database. Here, we'll walk through the process of deleting client records from your database, whether you want to delete one record or to delete records in bulk.

Deleting Individual Records

To delete an individual record, it's simply a matter of searching for them, clicking the Actions icon to the left of their name in the search results and selecting Delete: 


If you click Delete, you'll be asked to confirm that you want to do so: 


Once you've confirmed the deletion, the contact record is sent to your Recycle Bin, which is accessible under Contacts —> Recycle Bin.

Deleting Records in Bulk

If you have multiple contact records which you would like to delete in bulk, you can perform this action from your Advanced Search page, accessible under Contacts —> Advanced Search.  Once you've run a search to pull up results that will include the records you are looking for, you can place checks next to the contacts you would like to delete: 


In our example above, we've placed checks next to four contacts.

Then, click the Contact Options menu above and to the right of your search results and then click Bulk Actions


Next, select Delete Contacts:



You'll then receive a popup asking you to confirm that you want to delete the selected records.  Note: whether or not your contacts are then deleted immediately or processed as a job that you'll receive an email about when complete depends upon your Miscellaneous Site Preference setting for "Submit Contact Combine or Contact Delete to a Job if Selected Contacts Exceeds this Threshold."

Once you've confirmed the deletion, the contact records are sent to your Recycle Bin (Contacts —> Recycle Bin).  If you inadvertently delete a contact record or you just decide that you actually do still need the record in your database, you can visit your Recycle Bin to restore their record.

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