Contact Overview: Basic Information

If you've added a record for a contact, but have done little other than adding their name, when you first go to their contact record you will see very little information within their Basic Information section. For example, let's say we've added a record for Jessica Jones but all we have added to the database is her name only. The contact's Basic Information section would appear as below: 

Let's take a look at the other information that can be displayed within Basic Information for a contact, should you add it to your database.

If the contact has a spouse or other dependents that you would like to add to your database, you can do so by clicking Create a new family beneath their name. See this post for instructions on using this to define Family relationships. After providing a Family Name and linking a spouse to Jessica, her Basic Information section might then look like the below: 

If you then click the Update Individual icon (the first icon of the four on the right side of the Basic Information section), you'd see the below: 


Though you wouldn't necessarily need to complete all fields in this section, for demo purposes I've entered something in every field and you can see how these entries are displayed in the Basic Information section below: 


The second and fourth icons (Contact Card and Common Tasks) on the right side of the Basic Information section have no bearing on what is displayed in the Basic Information section, but I've made them hyperlinks so you can read more about those as needed as well.

The third icon is your Important Information icon. You can learn more about adding Important Information for contacts here. Once a database user has added Important Information for a contact, this icon will be displayed in red and you can click it to see that information in a modal. 

You can read more about uploading a contact photo here. We've already added a contact photo in the example above as well. 


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