How do I upload documents to CRM Document Storage in Redtail?

You can upload contact-related documents to their record for storage (this is independent of Redtail Imaging).  While within a Contact Record, go to Documents: 


 You will then be presented with the following area underneath your contact’s Basic Information: 


To upload a new file (or files), click Upload.  You'll then see the below: 


Click the Add Files button.  You'll then see a dialog which will allow you to browse for and select the file(s) on your machine that you would like to upload.  After selecting the file(s) and clicking Open, your file(s) will show up in the upload queue.  You can then click Start Upload to begin the upload process.  Once the upload process is complete, you'll see the file(s) listed within your contact's CRM Document Storage.

Note: the upload process is handled using Flash, HTML5 or Silverlight, dependent upon what you have installed on your machine.  When you initially click the Upload option, it will search your machine for Flash, then HTML5 and finally Silverlight.  If none of these are available on your machine, the upload process will fall back to the older method available (single file upload at a time).  HTML5 is available in all browsers except for IE9 and below.

Note: file types with the extensions .exe, .bat and .msi will be blocked from upload to CRM Document Storage. Also, the file size limit for any given file is approximately 20MB.

You can read more about working with CRM Document Storage here.

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