Contact Overview: Open Workflow Tasks

Open Tasks for any Workflows attached to a contact show up within the Open Workflow Tasks area of their Overview: 

You can learn more about creating Workflow Processes here.  In this post, we'll just be looking at how you work with Workflows that have been attached to a contact.

What you'll find are seven columns for each Task indicated here:

Actions Column - clicking this icon provides you with the options to Edit the Task, Reassign it, View the entire Workflow for the contact, Edit or View any Step Comments or view a History of the workflow template. 


Workflow Column - this displays the Name of the Workflow that the Task is a part of. Clicking the Name accomplishes the same thing as clicking the Actions icon and selecting View Workflow (you can then view or make edits to the Workflow). 

Current Step Column - displays the current active (not completed) step for the Workflow.

Task Column - displays the Tasks (not completed) for this Step of the Workflow.

Task Assigned To Column - displays the database user to whom the Task is assigned.

Task Due Date Column - this column indicates the Due Date for the Task.

Complete Column - clicking "Complete" should only be done after you have performed the Task.  

In the top right corner of this section, you'll see a View Workflows button: 


Clicking that will take you to the contact's main Workflows page. You can read more about that, as well as how to attach Workflows to contacts, here

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