How do I assign activities to other database users?

One of the great things about Redtail CRM is that with a single subscription you are allowed to add up to 15 database users. What this means in terms of scheduling tasks, meetings, phone calls, etc., is that anyone who is a database user can create, monitor and follow up on activities that they create for another database user.

So, how do you assign an activity to someone else?

Whether creating a new activity or editing an existing one, you'll see an Attendees section to the right of the Activity Details:


Note that by default the Attendees box will contain the name of the database user who is creating the Activity.  If you want to assign it to someone else or to additional database users, you can click inside the "Add or remove users..." box. 

Then, select the database user(s) that you want to add to the Activity. They will automatically be added as a Linked Attendee. 

In our example above, if Paul left himself as an Attendee and added two others, this section would then look like the below: 


Note that you can remove Attendees by clicking their corresponding Actions button and selecting "Remove from activity":


Individual database users control their own settings in regard to whether they receive email notifications when an activity they have created is completed by another, when an activity has been assigned to them (they have been added as an attendee), or an activity assigned to them has been updated. Underneath their name in this box is an indication as to which of these email notifications they have elected to receive within their Site Preferences.

Under Manage Your Account —> Preferences, in the Notifications section you can elect to receive Email Notifications when activities have been assigned to you and when activities assigned to you have been updated, as well as when activities you have assigned to others have been completed:

Activities assigned to others will show up on their Today page in the "Things to do today" section or on their Activities tab, as well as on their main Calendar.
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