How do I set up repeating activities?

When creating activities within your database, you will most likely want to establish some of them as repeating activities (e.g. weekly meetings, regularly scheduled appointments, etc.). You can learn how to create activities here.  In this post we'll cover how to set up an activity as a repeating activity.

When you bring up the Activity Details page, you will see the below: 


All of the fields in this dialog are covered in the post linked to above.  Here we'll just consider how you utilize the Recurrence option (highlighted above).  If you click inside the Recurrence box, you'll see seven repeating options: 


There are several things to look at here, dependent upon whether or not you choose to repeat daily, weekly, monthly, annually, every weekday, or custom.  

If you click daily, you'd then see the below:  


You can then click inside the Repeat Ends box, select "on", and then choose your End Date for the Daily Activity to stop recurring.


If you choose the weekly, monthly, or annually options, note that the repeating pattern defaults to be based upon the Start Date you're setting for the repeating activity. 

The Every Weekday (Monday to Friday) option is a self-explanatory repeating pattern. 

If you need greater control over your repeating pattern than any of these options provide, you'll want to choose the Custom recurrence. When doing so, you'll see something like the below:


You can choose whether days, weeks, months or years define your repeating pattern, choose the number of days, weeks, months, or years between each recurrence, and exercise some control over the day of the week or month the repeats occur on for repeating activities with a weekly or monthly recurrence pattern.

Note as well that you can set a date for when the Repeating Activity should end (that will be the case, regardless of whether you choose Daily, Weekly, etc.). We strongly encourage you to set an End Date as, otherwise, you will be creating an Activity that repeats at whatever frequency you choose for the next 50 years. To set an End date for your repeating activity, you can click inside that box,  select On, and then click inside the mm/dd/yyyy box to choose an end date.

Once you've set up your Repeat and End options, you can click the save activity option. Once you've saved the Activity, you should see the repeating activity on the calendar for the database user to whom it is assigned. 

FYI: when viewing a repeating activity on your Calendar, it will display a repeating icon to the left of the subject to provide visual a visual hint that the activity is repeating:

Note: If you later edit a repeating activity by changing the date for "future occurrences" or the "series," the repeating series is broken, i.e., all of the occurrences are then treated as individual, non-repeating activities. 

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