How can I sync Redtail with my iCal program?

To set up the iCal feed from Redtail to your iCal program, from within Redtail select Preferences from the menu available underneath your Name in the upper right corner:


On your Site Preferences page, you’ll want to look in the Calendar Management section: 


From here, change Allow iCal Access to Yes and click Save Preferences. Next, go to your main Calendar page in Redtail.  From the Actions menu above your calendar, click Subscribe to iCal Feed


Clicking this option will either take you to a new web page or allow you to launch your iCal program. If it takes you to a new web page, it will not display any information.  You will just need to copy the entire address from the address bar on this page and then open your iCal program and add that in as a subscribed calendar address per that application's instructions for adding subscribed calendars.

If it does allow you to launch your iCal program, e.g. Apple's Calendar, you’ll see a modal that might look something like the below: 


Note: the portion of the above that reads "webcal" will instead read "http".

If you click Launch Application (or whatever the case may be for your application), you'll then be able to click to subscribe to the iCal feed within that application: 


Note: the portion of the above that reads "webcal" will instead read "http".

You'll then see the subscription processing and, after it's done, receive a modal like the below: 


Note: the portion of the above that reads "webcal" will instead read "http".

You can make any changes within this dialog to reflect your preferences and then click "OK". 

 The iCal may not run immediately but you should see the feed begin some time shortly after setup.  If you don’t see it, you may need to refresh the page.

Finally, you will want to be aware when using the iCal feed that this is a one-way sync only, originating from Redtail CRM.

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