How do I reassign Activities from one database user to another?

At times you may have the need to reassign an activity or activities from one database user to another. We'll take a look here at how to do this on an individual basis and in bulk.

Reassigning a single activity

To reassign a single activity, just locate the activity on your calendar that you want to reassign and click it to bring up the Activity Details. Look in the Attendees box on that page:  


To unassign from a user, just click their Actions menu and select "Remove from activity." 

To assign to the new user(s), just click inside the "Add additional users..." box and select one or more database users to reassign the activity to. 

Your Attendees box will reflect your change and the activity will move to the other database user's calendar. 

Reassigning activities in bulk

There may be times when you need to reassign activities from one database user to another in bulk, such as when an employee is on extended leave or is terminated. This action can be performed in the following manner:

—  Go to your Today page. Then, click the Activities tab:

You'll then see your Open Activities. Click inside the "filter dates" box to indicate a time frame for the activities you want to reassign:

Then, click inside the "Me" box to choose the database user whose activities you want to reassign:

You can then select some or all of the Activities on display, dependent upon which ones you want to reassign. Then, click the "activity options" menu and choose "Reassign": 

You'll be presented with the below modal:


Click inside the "User" box and select the database user(s) to whom you want to reassign the activities. Then, click "reassign."  

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