Account Management

If you are integrating with an account aggregator, where new accounts feed over into Redtail, they will appear as unlinked accounts accessible under the Accounts tab on the Today’s Overview page. You can read more about working with Unlinked Accounts here.

To manage an existing account:

When in a Contact's record, click the Accounts link: 


This takes you to your Contact Record Accounts page, where you can view all Accounts you’ve entered for your client or that have been fed over via integration with an account aggregator: 


  • Clicking an account's Actions button will provide you with the options to Edit, Delete, Move or View Account Details as well as providing you with access to the free Advisory World fact sheet and options for paying Advisory World subscribers. If the account is a linked account (fed over from an aggregator), you'll see an option to "View Feed Details." Also, you'll have access to Morningstar options here as well:


    If you would like to track additional items such as tax qualification type, manager and more, you can edit the details of the account by selecting Edit Account.  You'd then see a dialog similar to the below:

    Note the highlighted area above: if you use an account aggregator for account feeds into Redtail, this section of the Add /Update Account modal will display current Unlinked Accounts that have a TIN which matches this contact's TIN. Note: this means that if the contact you are working with doesn't have a TIN entered, this highlighted area will not appear in the "Update Account" modal. Otherwise, you can select one of these Unlinked Accounts here to link if it matches the account you are currently editing.
  • More specific details can also be updated by selecting View Account Details or by clicking the Account Number. You can then add / edit information about Account Assets, Beneficiaries, Riders, Agents, Ownership, Strategic Allocation Model, UDFs, Notes, Documents, Activities, Transactions, BICE Dates, Account Dates, General Info and Payment Info.

To add a new account:

    • Click on the Add Account button at the top right corner of your Accounts page for a client:


  • Below is a screenshot of the modal for adding an account:


  • This is the same information available when you select "Edit Account" from an existing account's Actions button.
  • Note that you should click the Add Account button at the bottom after you’ve entered all your account information.

  • If the account is linked to an account aggregator, the assets section for the account will be overridden with data provided by the aggregator each time the data feeds into Redtail CRM.

Account Options:

Next to the Add Account button, you'll also see an Account Options button. Clicking it provides you with several options: 


Clicking Reports provides you with access to the client's Beneficiary Reports, Portfolio Detail Reports, Portfolio Summary Reports and Portfolio Withdrawals Reports, with versions of each of these for All Accounts or All Non-Closed Accounts.

Clicking Show Family Accounts allows you to see all linked Family members' accounts here on the same page.

Clicking Show Non-primary Joint Accounts allows you to see all accounts here where the client is listed as the Joint Owner. This preference will be remembered as you move from record to record, so if you don't want to always display these you will need to go back to this menu and select "Hide Non-primary Joint Accounts" when done.

If you license Morningstar Advisor Workstation or Morningstar Office and have the integration enabled, you'll also have access here to several of their portfolio-level reports.

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