Contact Overview Menu: Accounts

When you access a contact record in Redtail, you'll notice new menu items in your Left Menu Bar underneath Contacts (these menu items only appear when within a contact record): 


Here we'll take a look at Accounts. If you click that option from this menu, you'll see the Accounts area for the Contact, where you can view all Accounts you’ve entered for your client or that have been fed over via integration with an account aggregator: 


Clicking the Actions arrow next to any accounts listed for your contact provides you with a handful of options: 


  • Edit Account provides you with access to update basic information about the account.
  • View Account Details takes you to a more detailed page about the account, where you can add Beneficiaries, Riders, Account Dates, Transactions, etc.
  • Move Account allows you to move the account to another contact's record.
  • AdvisoryWorld has four options here you can explore in relation to your account, if the integration is enabled within your database. Note: the Generate factsheet option is complementary to all users, but the others are for paying customers of AdvisoryWorld only.
  • Morningstar has several options here you can explore in relation to your account, if the integration is enabled within your database.
  • Delete Account removes the account from your database.

You also have some options available above your listed Accounts: 


  • Clicking Options displays the below:

    Reports gives you access to Portfolio Summary, Portfolio Detail, Portfolio Withdrawals and Beneficiary Reports.
    Show Family Accounts allows you to display all accounts for the contact and for those contacts related to the contact (as a Spouse or Dependent) from within the contact's Accounts page.
  • Show Non-primary Joint Accounts allows you to display all accounts where the contact is the Joint Owner.
  • Morningstar - The Portfolio Snapshot, Stock Intersection and X-Ray pdfs from Morningstar are also options here.
  • Clicking Add Account brings up a modal for you to manually add an account for the contact.
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