How do I move an account from one contact record to another?

Occasionally, you may run into a situation where you need an account to be reflected under the Accounts section of a client other than the client to whom it is currently attached.  The process for moving an account to another record is straightforward, and, if the account is in your database as a result of an aggregator feed, in the future data for the account will feed to the Accounts section of the record where you move it.

To move an Account, you'll first want to go into the contact record of the client where the account currently resides.  You can then click Accounts under their Contact Overview menu: 


You'll then see all Accounts currently listed for the client.  Click the Actions menu next to the account you want to move to another record.  You'll see the following options and can select Move Account: 


You'll then be presented with a modal that will allow you to begin typing in the name of the contact to whom you want to move the account: 


As you begin typing in the Contact Name box, you'll see Contact options that match what you've typed so far - when you see the Contact you're looking for, click their name and then click Move Account


After you click Move Account, you'll see the account disappear from the record you're within.  If you go to the Accounts page for the contact to whom you moved the account, the moved account should now show up with their other accounts.

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