How do I manually add account values in Redtail?

If you are not currently using one of the account aggregation firms with which we offer integration, you would need to manually add your account values for accounts you've entered into Redtail CRM if you want those values reflected in the client's Portfolio Value.

To manually add account values, go to the Accounts page for the contact record whose account you want to add a value for - the  Accounts page is accessible under Contacts —> Accounts


You'll then see all accounts you've entered for the client: 

obal.png For this client, note that the Balance for two of their accounts is $0.00.

To add a value for an account, we'll click the account number.  On the resulting page, you'll see an Account Assets area at the top of the page: 

addab.jpg Click the Add button in that section.  You'll then see the below modal: 


There are two fields you will need to complete here for the value to show up for the account — those fields are highlighted above.

Shares: 1 (or actual # of shares)
Price: account value (or actual share price)

Then click Add Account Asset.  The value should then be reflected for the account and in the client's Portfolio Value.

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