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When logging into your database, the default login page is your Today page (which is otherwise accessible from your Left Menu Bar): 


From your Today page, you'll see a menu running along the top of your screen that allows you to easily access important data that's not on the main Today page:


Here, we'll take a look at what you'll see when clicking "Market News" from that menu. 

Market News is divided into four sections, provided in order that you might stay abreast of current market news and movement* in the same place that you stay abreast of your daily schedule. The sections are: 

Market Indices 


Market Indices provides a quick look at the movement in today's market. These update once per day in Redtail.

Your Stock Watch List 


Your Stock Watch List provides you with an area to track up to 20 stocks.  You can edit your list at any time by clicking the Actions menu indicated above and selecting "Edit your watchlist". You'd then see the below: 

In the resulting modal (pictured above), just type in the symbols you want to track, separated by commas, and then click Update Market Watch List. Note: Mutual Funds will not show up on this list.

Note that within the Market Watch List itself you can click on a symbol, which will open up the Google Finance page for that company in a new tab. Note as well that the Stock Watch List is refreshed on every page reload, but stock values are delayed by 15 minutes.

Top Assets Held 


This section takes all account assets within your database that belong to accounts that are not marked as deleted, looks at the price multiplied by the number of shares and then orders them in descending fashion. It only displays the top 10 assets within this section. If an asset here has a Symbol listed, you can click the Actions menu to its left and select "Get news about this asset":


This will then display a popup with recent headlines and links to stories about that particular asset. 

Market News 


This section is a headline/summary of the latest Market news from Reuters.  You can click on any of the headlines to view the entire story in a new tab.

* There is a 15-minute delay for equities, i.e., price for stocks appearing on this page is up-to-date as of 15 minutes prior to your page load.

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