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Below are some frequently asked questions regarding switching to Tailwag from the Legacy version of Redtail. If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team at 800.206.5030 or


Q: How does my office get to try the demo version of Tailwag?

A: It's very important that you understand how this "Try Tailwag" period works, so we'll lay that out in detail here.

Current database owners on the Legacy version of Redtail will see a "Try Tailwag!" link on their bottom menu bar within their CRM, next to "Weblinks". Upon clicking "Try Tailwag!", the database owner will see a screen that provides some crucial information about the Tailwag demo. In a nutshell, it is a warning screen advising that NONE of the information entered by the database owner or other database users within the demo will be saved. It is strictly a demo environment, allowing the database owner and users to acclimate themselves to the new platform prior to migrating over at a later time. The database owner will need to click a button acknowledging this prior to entering Tailwag. To reiterate, no data will be in this demo database upon arrival and no data entered into it will be retained: It is for demo purposes only. 

Once your database owner has enabled the demo, all of your database users will see an option to "Launch Tailwag!" in the same place (next to "Weblinks") where the database owner clicked "Try Tailwag!". Clicking the "Launch Tailwag" option will take users to a landing page, upon each and every visit, reminding them each time that NONE of the data entered into this demo account will be retained. In other words, until you officially switch over to Tailwag, all of your data should still be entered into your Legacy version of Redtail.

Q: Why is the decision to switch to Tailwag a big deal?

A: Again, the purpose of the demo environment is to allow you to become comfortable with the new user interface prior to making the switch, as once you actually migrate over you will not be able to return to work within the Legacy version.

Q: I'm ready to convert over to the new platform. How do I go about this?

A: Currently, migrations over to the new platform are happening on an as-requested basis. In order to begin the process, you can contact our support team at 800.206.5030 or

Q: How long will you continue to offer support for the Legacy version of Redtail?

A: At this time we have not set a final date for termination of support for the legacy version of Redtail CRM.  Once we have a definitive date, notifications on our website and social media platforms will be published. You should be aware though that legacy versions of Redtail, including Leapfrog and its mobile app, will receive no further code updates or fixes for bugs that arise.

Q: Will I be forced to convert to Tailwag?

A: Not right away. We will continue supporting the Legacy version of Redtail at this time. You can decide when you want to make the switch since the migration is currently on an as-requested basis. As mentioned above, we do encourage you to take advantage of the "Try Tailwag!" option in order to familiarize yourself with Tailwag prior to migration.

Q: Are you offering training on Tailwag?

A: We have a full library of documentation on using Tailwag available for you now on our Helpdesk. Additionally, we'll be offering regularly scheduled webinars on the Tailwag platform. You can register for those here.

Q: Will Tailwag work with my integrations?

A: Yes. Not only will it work with your current integrations, but the new platform will also allow us to enhance many of our existing integrations as well as launching new ones.

Q: Will my Imaging subscription be affected?

A: No, it is compatible with Tailwag. In the beginning we do not recommend migrating to Tailwag if you have not yet been moved to Imaging from our Classic Imaging platform. This is because our Classic Imaging works better in Internet Explorer in Compatibility mode and Tailwag should not be used in Compatibility mode. Please let us know if you are on Classic Imaging and do not yet have a ticket to be moved to Imaging at or by phone at 800-206-5030 and we will be glad to make one!

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