Trial Account Recommendations

When setting up a free 30-day trial with Redtail, we recommend that you take into account the items below. Following these general guidelines will greatly facilitate your transition from a trial account to an activated account, should you elect to become a subscriber.

Database Owner's Name

When registering for your trial database, we strongly recommend that you establish the database in the name of the individual that will be the database owner should you proceed with activation.  The primary reason behind this is that some requests you may make in regards to your database require that we obtain the approval of the database owner, i.e. the owner of the data.  Ultimately, decision-making authority for your database resides with the individual in whose name the database is first established.  While we can change the owner of your database at a later time, this can take some time dependent upon how long it takes us to obtain the authorization to do so from both the current database owner and the individual who is assuming ownership, as well as upon our current work volume for items such as these.

So, if you are an administrative assistant or work in some other capacity for an advisor to whom the database will actually "belong," we recommend that you establish your trial account in the principal's name.  You can add a separate login for yourself and others in your office, but the username associated with your database owner should belong to the principal.

Preparing for Your Data Conversion

Redtail offers complimentary database conversions from most other common database providers including, but not limited to:  ACT, Goldmine, SmartOffice (EZ-Data/Ebix), Advisor's Assistant, Bill Good, ProTracker, Investigo, SalesForce, Pareto, Broker's Ally, Contact Partner, Junxure, and Maximizer.

While we do not offer this conversion until after you have activated your database (as it can be a time-intensive process on Redtail's end), we do strongly suggest that you speak with one of our Transitions specialists during your trial period.  A Redtail Transitions specialist will be able to provide you with conversion information that applies specifically to the legacy system from which you are converting.  Additionally, they will be able to provide you with our import spreadsheet, which you can populate with your data for import if we are not converting your data from some other legacy system.

Some key points to keep in mind and prepare for in terms of your conversion:

  • You should go ahead and add all of your desired database users within Redtail (you're allowed up to 15, including the database owner) prior to the conversion process.  If Redtail is to map calendar items, etc. for specific database users from your legacy system, we'll need to know their corresponding usernames within Redtail.
  • We strongly recommend cleaning up your current database prior to the conversion process - if your data is currently in a state of disarray, it will import in a state of disarray. We have to import entire databases, so we would not be able to accept any instructions to import only designated portions of your database.  You can look at this as a prime opportunity to clean out the dead wood from your database, which will allow you to maximize your database's usefulness and hit the ground running with Redtail.
  • If you use your current system for attaching documents to contacts, be aware that we can not import these in the conversion. We do offer a separate subscription service, Redtail Imaging, for compliant electronic document storage, and you can link Imaging files to your contact records within your CRM.  You can contact our Sales Team for more information on this service.
  • The conversion of custom fields from your legacy system can pose unique challenges, but we will address these to the extent that we are capable.  You'll want to provide our Transitions team with a list of your custom fields/tabs and with screenshots of these as well, in order that we can determine if they can be converted and, if so, how to map them.
  • If you are using your current database for Account/Policy/Investment data, we'll need mapping instructions from you. We'll need to know where in Redtail you want us to import this data and we'll need screenshots from your current database as well.
  • During your conversion (whether your conversion be from a spreadsheet, Outlook, Act, GoldMine, etc.), if you have employers listed for your contacts, a Business record will be created for each of those employers. Similarly, Spouses will each have their own record within your Redtail database. With that in mind, any corresponding spouse and business records that were created from a source record (as opposed to having their own record in your current database) will be assigned a Contact Status of “not specified” in Redtail.  For example, from an ACT import, if there is a record for John Smith, and Mary Smith is listed as his wife and he works for ABC Company Inc., while John may have a status listed in his record in ACT, when we create the record for Mary Smith & ABC Co., Inc. they will each have a status of “not specified”.  If you let us know prior to conversion what Contact Status you would like to assign to spouse or business records created in this manner, we can assign those statuses during conversion.


Take a look at Redtail's First Steps Guide.  This will provide you with a great deal of information and a lot of links pointing you towards answers to some of the more common questions new Redtail users have.

Commit to 90 days

Don't give up on conversion and training early.  You may currently be working with a mix of legacy systems and applications that have created business silos within your firm – the end result of this is often the duplication of data across your organization and oftentimes a fragmented view of each of your customers.  If you're currently in a trial with Redtail, this most likely indicates that you’re looking for a way to systematize your ongoing processes and to segment your database contacts based upon both their value to your firm and upon demographic and personal information that may be relevant to your marketing efforts; that you’re looking for ways to build trust, increase referrals and increase profitability; that you’re searching for tools to make your business more compliant; and that you need to control costs while increasing efficiencies through automation.  These are worthy goals and they require commitment on your part to put them in place.

With Redtail CRM, fully implemented and adapted by your office, you will find yourself in a great position to define the experience you desire for your clients.  The end result:  happy, loyal clients, with ever-increasing confidence in the services you provide and a greater willingness to refer others to you.

Take advantage of our opportunities for training and we believe you'll find that Redtail serves well as a core technology around which your business can operate.

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