Why is Redtail University beneficial?


If you are looking at this post, you've probably given consideration to registering for one of our RTU events but are unsure whether or not RTU is for you.  So, for a little more detail on what you might expect at an RTU near you:

  • Live, hands-on training.  While we don't provide computers, you should bring your laptop, as workbooks, reference materials and wireless internet access are provided.  You can immediately begin putting the tips you are learning into practice within your CRM.  With support staff on hand, in addition to the actual instructors, you'll have plenty of opportunity to get your questions answered in a face-to-face setting.
  • Closely tied to the above, this is also a great opportunity to network with other Redtail users and share with each other some of your best practices.  While many of the tips and tricks we'll share have been gathered from our users over the years, we're always pleasantly surprised by the new ideas generated by our users.
  • The real world examples and case studies presented can be used to spur your own creativity about how best to use Redtail CRM to solidify your client relationships and amplify your marketing messages.
  • Update from Brian McLaughlin, Redtail's CEO.  Brian typically discusses what's new with Redtail CRM (including integrations) and lays out where you can expect further development of our solutions.

Hopefully this gives you a sense of the tangible benefits to attending an RTU event, but you shouldn't hesitate to contact if you have additional questions.

More information and registration links can be found here.



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