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There are two primary navigation menus within Redtail that remain present regardless of where you are within your database, with one running vertically down the left and one running horizontally on the top right:

Left Menu Bar


Top Right Menu Bar


We'll look at each of these navigation options below and the choices they present.

Left Menu Bar


By default, your Today page is the first page you see when logging into Redtail. Today allows you to see, at a glance:

  • A by-the-numbers area that includes Total AUM (this links to Accounts tab), Total Reminders (this links to Reminders tab), Recent Timeline updates (this links to main Timeline, which shows the past 30 days' updates), and Total Active Workflow Tasks (which links to your Workflow Tasks page). Note: The AUM amounts for contacts you do not have permissions to view will not be included in this figure - nor will values for accounts marked as Held Away. 
  • Things to do Today
  • Workflow tasks to do today - any Workflow Tasks assigned to you that are due today will display here.
  • Team Notices
  • Today's Birthdays - a quick glance at today's contact birthdays, along with the age they are turning
  • Today's Reviews - a quick glance at today's Client Reviews
  • Mobile Assistant Messages (if the integration is enabled for your database)
  • CopyTalk Messages (if the integration is enabled for your database)
  • Recent Everplans Activity (if the integration is enabled for your database)

You should note as well that when you are on your Today page that you have an additional horizontal navigational menu that will allow you to quickly access other Overview type items:


The tabs here are:


This provides quick access to your Redtail Calendar. Again, you'll see an additional navigational menu when viewing your Calendar:



Note that each of these new menu items is expandable, presenting you with more options in relation to your Calendar. Those options are covered in our documentation on the Calendar itself.


This provides quick access to your Contacts within Redtail, in a variety of ways. Again, you'll see an additional navigational menu after clicking Contacts:




Information about the main page when clicking Contacts and each of these menu options can be found here.

Now, let's take a look at some new menu items in your Left Menu Bar when you are actually within a contact record:

If you are within a Contact Record, there will be a submenu visible in the Left Menu Bar under Contacts that allows you to navigate the contact record easily. In our example above, we are in the record for Jonathan Adams. Note the highlighted area that now appears. All of these new menu items apply specifically to the contact within whose record you are working.

Note as well that if you click More... you'll see additional menu items for the contact:

Again, this menu is only present in your navigation bar when you are within a contact record. It accesses:


Clicking Reports takes you to the top level of your Standard Reports page.


Clicking Opportunities takes you to your Opportunity Tracker, where you can more easily monitor new business and prospects.


Clicking Seminars takes you to the Seminar Management area of your CRM, where you can create new events or work with existing ones.


Clicking Social takes you to you an area within Redtail where you can view your Twitter streams. Instructions are here for authorizing and enabling that integration within your database.


Clicking Workflows takes you to your currently active Workflow Processes (where you can also create new ones or edit existing Workflow Processes).



Top Right Menu Bar

Let's take a quick glance at what this one looks like again:

Now, we can break down the purpose of each of these icons: 

plus.jpgHovering over the Add icon displays a pulldown menu where you can quickly add a new Activity, Contact, Document, Note, SeminarOpportunity or Workflow: 


trm2.jpgHovering over the Integrations icon displays a pulldown menu that allows you quick access to perform some of the more common tasks associated with your chosen Integrations:


Clicking any of these individual integrations will give you options for that individual integration partner. Note there is a filter box at the top that will allow you to search for a specific integration partner.

recvie.jpg Hovering over the Contact icon allows you to see / quickly access contact records that you've viewed recently as well as provides you with quick access to your QuickLists and Tag Groups. Details are here.

alts.jpg The Alerts icon provides a visual cue when you have timed activities approaching that you can click to act upon.

quest.jpg Clicking the Help and Resources icon takes you to our Help & Resources page, which provides you quick access to Contact Us, visit our Google Forum, access our Helpdesk, receive Remote Technical Support, submit a Help Ticket Suggest a Feature or Enhancement, check out Redtail Release Notes, visit our Blog, see and register for upcoming webinarssign up for our monthly newsletter or Download the latest version of Retriever for Tailwag:

dbun.jpgFinally, clicking the carat next to your name from this menu opens up another menu that provides access to some very important areas of your database:


The first thing you'll see here is your Redtail username (blurred in the example above). You'll then see a series of clickable menu items.


The Preferences area is where you can manage most of the default settings for your database.

Switch Database

If you have switch-in access between multiple databases, this will allow you to switch between them.

Manage Your Account

Manage Your Account provides access to Preferences, Admin functions, Template Management and more.

Manage Your Downloads

Manage Your Downloads allows you to access downloads you've requested within your database.

Manage Your Integrations

Manage Your Integrations allows you to enable integrations within your database, enter any necessary credentials, etc.

Manage Your Subscription

Manage Your Subscription allows you to manage your Personal and Billing Information, as well as to set up 2-Step Authentication and a few other items.

Web Links

Web Links allows you to store web addresses for sites you frequent regularly within your CRM, thus providing you access from your CRM even if you are on a computer where your regular bookmarks are not stored within the browser.

Release Notes

Release Notes allow you to take a look at the latest updates to Redtail CRM and Redtail's other solutions.


Pretty straightforward here. This logs you out of your database.

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