Voting for ideas in our Feature Request Forum

Redtail provides a forum for suggesting feature requests which is accessible from within your CRM under the Help and Resources menu: 


After hovering over this icon, you'll see the below:


Click the highlighted area above to access our Feedback Forum. Within this forum you can suggest new ideas or vote for or comment upon ideas suggested by others.  Each user can cast either one, two or three votes for a given idea.  Those votes are returned to users after an idea for which they've voted for has been either completed or declined.

If you have used all of your votes and have other ideas that you now deem more important for which you'd like to cast votes, you can remove previously cast votes from ideas.  To do so, click "My feedback" within the forum: 


You'll then see each of the ideas you currently have cast votes for: 


Note that for each of the ideas you'll see it's total number of votes and then beneath that you'll see the number of votes you've cast for that idea on a blue button.  Click that blue button to change your amount of votes cast for the idea or to remove them entirely.  If we were to click on the blue button for the first idea in the screenshot above, we'd see the below: 


You can see your 1 vote here.  To change to 2 votes or 3 votes, just click one of those buttons or to remove your votes from the idea click "Remove votes."

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