Export your selected contacts in bulk

There are a number of Standard Reports available in Redtail.  You can learn more about those here.

You can also create Custom Exports and choose which contacts to include in those exports.  More information on Custom Exports is available here.

You also have the capability of exporting selected contacts using some default exports established within Redtail.  To do so, run an Advanced Search to bring up your desired contacts.

Then, after hand-selecting some of your contacts or selecting them all, select Exports from the Contact Options menu above your search results: 


You'll see a list of each of the default exports available from within Redtail: 


Just click on the one you'd like to run for your selected contacts and you'll have the opportunity to open the export up in Excel and use as needed.

Note: some of these default Exports are intended for you to be able to export and then import them into another vendor's software.  Those include the e-Relationship, Forefield Advisor, Laser App, Outlook, Power Advisor, Send Out Cards and Stamps.com Exports.  

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