Emails By Contact Report

The Emails by Contact report allows you to search archived emails based upon date range, contact name and the subject field, using the Filters option above your report.

The abilities to search the body of the message for keywords and phrases or to search by email address is not available in this report. 

Please note that the Email Admin Viewing Permissions apply to this report - you can read more about Email Admin Viewing Permissions here (the relevant portion is the last section of the linked post). Only available to subscribers of Redtail's Email Archival and Retention Solutions.

To access the Emails by Contact Report, click the Reports option from your Left Menu Bar to see all of the available Standard Reports within your database: 


Then, select Emails by Contact from the Email Reports box: 


After clicking the report name, you'll see a report similar to the below:


Above your report, you'll see several Options: 

The "filter" button presents you with a modal that will allow you to filter by Domain, Start and End Dates, Contact Name and/or Subject (word or phrase from Subject lines in your emails):
The "Domain" filter would only be applicable if you have multiple email domains tied to your database. If that is the case, you can click inside the "Domain" box and select the domain you'd like to view.
After applying the filters you want, the results are returned and displayed within the the Emails by Contact report. To view or download an email message, you can select either of those options from the Options menu to the left of the individual email: 
The message will be downloaded in .eml format.
Clicking export will download the data in .csv format and allow you to open it up in Microsoft Excel. 
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