How do I run mail merges in Redtail?

In another post, we took a look at creating and uploading mail merge templates for use in Redtail CRM.  Here, we'll look at how you can run merges with these templates for either individuals or groups of contacts.

Mail Merges for Individual Contacts

Go to the record of the individual contact for whom you want to run a mail merge.  Click their Common Tasks icon: 


Select Mail Merge in the resulting modal: 


You'll then see the below modal: 


If you click inside the highlighted area, you'll see all templates that have been uploaded to your database for mail merge. You can also check off the "Save As Note" box to create a note indicating this mail merge was performed on the client record. Select the Template you want to use and then click Run Mail Merge.

Your merge will run and download to your machine. You can then open it up to use as you had intended. 

Mail Merges for Multiple Contacts

Mail Merges can be arrived at for groups of contacts in a number of ways, but they all launch finally from the Advanced Search page. So, whether you are working with a group of contacts you have previously tagged or a new group you’ve just queried, in order to run a Mail Merge for them you must do so from the Advanced Search page.

When your group of contacts is on the Advanced Search page, and you've selected the records you want to include in the merge, click the Contact Options menu and select Mail Merges


The procedure is then the same as indicated above for individual contacts.

Note: when including a Head of Household and a Spouse in a Mail Merge or Labels, if there is an address marked Primary for the Spouse, that is what will pull for the Spouse. If they don't have an address designated Primary, the Head of Household's Primary address will pull for the Spouse as well.

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