Mail Merge Fields

The following fields are available for use in mail merge templates.  *Note: See information at the bottom of this post if a field you need to include in a mail merge is not listed here.

If you use a field but there is no data for the client, Redtail CRM will return a blank value and your MS Word document will ignore that particular field.

Important Note: You should always use the Address1, Address2, and Address3 fields together to create a proper address block.

Common Fields For Any Mail Merge Document Templates

Name -Client's full name (ie: Mr. Bill A Blake, Jr.)

Salutation -Returns the client's salutation (Mr., Mrs., etc)









CompanyName -If the client record is not an Individual Type record, then the name field will be returned. This field is not the same as the EmployerName field.

Familyname -Returns the Family Name field.

NicknameFirstname -Returns the nickname if one exists; otherwise it will return the client's first name.

EmployerName -Returns the client's employer name.



SpouseNicknameFirstname -Returns the spouse nickname if one exists; otherwise it will return the spouse's first name.



Address1 -Returns the first address line of the client's primary address.

Address2 -Returns the second address line of the client's primary address if one exists. Otherwise it will return the city, state and zip of the primary address.

Address3 -Returns the city, state and zip of the primary address if the primary address has an second address line.

Status -Returns the client's status field

Category -Returns the client's category field.

Source -Returns the client's source field.





Email1Address -Returns the client's primary email in Contact Card

DateofBirth -Returns the client's date of birth field.

MaritalDate -Returns the client's marital anniversary date field.

Clid -Returns the unique client identifier (This is an integer value)

Pcname -Returns the Primary Contact Name field value

Pcphone -Returns the Primary Contact Phone field value

Pcemail -Returns the Primary Contact Email field value

ServicingAdvisor -Returns the Servicing Advisor field value

WritingAdvisor -Returns the Writing Advisor field value



*If you need to run a mail merge that includes a field or fields that are not referenced here, you would need to create a custom export that includes all the fields you need, export the group of contacts using that custom export and then run that merge within Microsoft Word or Open Office.  You can find instructions for building mail merge templates within those applications at the vendor websites for Microsoft Word and Open Office.  You can learn how to create a custom export from Redtail here.

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