SunGard WealthStation

Integration Name:

SunGard WealthStation

Integration Type:

Financial Planning Tool

Setting up the integration:

You'll need to enable the SunGard integration within your database. Instructions for enabling integrations can be found here.

Then, when within a contact record in Redtail, you'll have the ability to send a contact to your SunGard WealthStation account. To do so, click your Integrations Menu and select SunGard WealthStation. You'll then see the below: 


Then, just click the "Send To" option highlighted above to send the contact over.

Note: if you are not within a contact record when selecting SunGard from your Integrations menu, the option you'll see here is Single Sign On, rather than Send 

Integration functionality:

Sungaurd is a financial planning tool that upon integration with Redtail can receive contact level information from the CRM.

APP resources:

Sungard Website

Sungard Wealthstation Training

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