E*TRADE Advisor Services

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E*TRADE Advisor Services

Integration Type:

Account Feed -  Portfolio Management

New Account openings within E*TRADE Advisor Services from Redtail

Setting up the integration:

Account Feed: To initiate the setup process for an account feed from E*TRADE Advisor Services, you will need to contact E*TRADE Advisor Services rather than Redtail. Once they have handled the setup process on their end, a team member from E*TRADE Advisor Services will contact Redtail to finalize the setup.

New Account openings: You also have the ability to initiate new account openings within E*TRADE Advisor Services from Redtail.

You'll first need to contact E*TRADE Advisor Services and have them enable this integration on the E*TRADE Advisor Services' side. Then, to enable on the Redtail side, someone with admin rights for your database will need to enable the E*TRADE Advisor Services integration within your database. Instructions for enabling integrations can be found here.

Integration functionality:

Account Feed: Account data is pushed from E*TRADE Advisor Services to Redtail based off of the Tax ID Number

New Account openingsOnce set up has been handled, to initiate new accounts with E*TRADE Advisor Services from Redtail:

  • go to the contact record for whom you wish to open a new account.
  • Then, click your Integrations menu.
  • Click the E*TRADE Advisor Services option from that menu:

  • Click "Open an Account" in the resulting E*TRADE Advisor Services Modal:

  • You'll then see the below (note: you may have to enter your E*TRADE Advisor Services password first):

  • Click inside the Account Type box to select Type. Then, begin typing Joint Owner's name in that box (if applicable) until you see the name to select.
  • Next, click "add model." You'll then see a modal where you can select the applicable model. After selecting your model, you'll see something like the below, where you can indicate Allocation, Distribution, Contribution and Deviation:

  • Next, click "Fees", Representatives, or "Beneficiaries" and you'll see that you have additional options for entering information about them as well.
  • When through entering any relevant information, click "create account". If you have Docusign enabled with E*TRADE Advisor Services, you will then see the following:


    Click "continue". You'll then see the below:

  • These are the forms available for e-signature from E*TRADE Advisor Services. They may vary, based upon the rep opening the account. After checking off any desired forms and indicating the number of copies, click the "Custom Forms" tab. You'll then see the below:


    If you need to include any custom forms, click the "Select files..." option and browse for and select those forms from your computer. Then click the "Recipients" tab.  Next, you'll see this:


    By default, this tab will pull in the contact along with their email address into the First Client line. The Second Client line will autofill with Joint Owner info, if any. Also, the E*TRADE Advisor Services Copy and Creator lines will be pre-filled as well. You can add more by including Names and Email addresses here on their relevant lines.
  • Finally, click "submit" to submit the e-signature portion.

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