Integration Name:


Integration Type:

Voice Dictation Tool

Setting up the integration:

After submitting your information to sign up for VOICE2Insight, you will receive an email from V2i with your next step in the setup process that includes a Remote Access link and your Caller ID number (note: the email is not immediately sent to you, but may take a little time) .  Click on the Remote Access link and you'll see the below: 


Enter your Redtail credentials, the Caller ID number provided in the V2i email and the email address you used to sign up for your trial with V2i and Login.  Then, follow the directions on the resulting Set Up page.  

After V2i has completed the setup of your integration on their end, you will then receive another email from them with instructions for using the integration.

Integration functionality:

VOICE2Insight (V2i) offers simple and easy mobile dictation for CRM using the latest in voice technologies.  You can learn more about V2i here.

VOICE2Insight resources:

Voice2Insight Website

If you are looking for more Voice Dictation Tools, click here!

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