Securities America

Integration Name:

Securities America

Integration Type:

Account Feed -  Portfolio Management

Setting up the integration:

Data Aggregation component

Contact your Broker Dealer to set up an account feed to Redtail.

You'll then need to contact Redtail support at 800-206-5030 opt. 3 then opt. 2 or via email at to provide the rep names and social security numbers for all reps for whom you would like the feed established

We'll also need the database owner's name.

We'll then set this up on our end. Once the integration feed has begun, you'll begin seeing accounts on your Unlinked Accounts page within Redtail. 

Advantage Workstation component

Step 1: Within Advantage, access the Admin tab, and then the Preferences sub-tab:

Step 2: Under the Third Party Vendor Single Sign On section, locate Redtail CRM, and then click the checkbox by Enable Single Sign-On.

Step 3: Click the Save button (3a in the illustration above), and then the Update Preferences button (3b).

Step 4: Close out Advantage, and then reopen Advantage from the Business Center website. Locate and click the Redtail tab that is now available:

Step 5: A Redtail Technology window will popup. You have 2 options available: (5a) Click the Sign-Up for a new Redtail account button if you don’t already have an account with Redtail, and (5b) Click the Link to an existing Redtail account button. The next steps will only show the process as if you already have a Redtail account. Contact Redtail if you have questions about how to setup an account:

Step 6: Enter your Redtail username and password and click the Sign In button:

You’ll now be able access Redtail from the Advantage site without having to enter your Redtail login information. 

How to Setup and Use New Business Solutions to Create a Record in Redtail

Step 1: From Advantage, click the New Business Solutions tab:

Step 2: If you followed the steps above, you will see the Redtail module within New Business Solutions. Locate and click on the Redtail module:

Step 3: This step allows you to integrate New Business Solutions with Redtail. Enter your Redtail user ID and password and click the Save button:

Step 4: If your credentials were entered correctly, you’ll receive the message below. PLEASE READ the message carefully; the list of records that are available to send from New Business Solutions to Redtail will NOT reflect those records that already exist in Redtail until the following business day! Once you’ve read the message, click the Close button:

Step 5: The Redtail module will now show you records that are available to send to Redtail to create a NEW record in the CRM. Select a record by clicking the checkbox by the client name (5a). You can select multiple records. When you’re ready to send, click the Send to Redtail button (5b):

Step 6: You’ll receive a confirmation message, and the record will appear in Redtail within minutes. Click OK to close the message:

You can now access the Redtail module at any time and send records from New Business Solutions to Redtail. 

How to Create a Client Record in Redtail Using the Set Up Account Feature in New Business Solutions – Add Account

Step 1: When finalizing an Add Account session in New Business Solutions, you have the option of creating the record or account online using the Set Up Account button. Doing so gives you the option to create a record in Redtail. When you’ve filled out all necessary fields in an Add Account session, click the Set Up Account button:

Step 2: On the confirmation message, click the Send To Redtail button:

Step 3: On the next popup, click the check box by the client(s) you wish to send to Redtail (3a). To add a note, click the checkbox above the free form Notes field and type in a client note (3b). To send status updates as notes to Redtail, click the checkbox below the notes field (3c). When finished, click the Submit button (3d):



How to Use Redtail Records to Populate Fields in Add Account (New Business Solutions)

During the normal process of creating a record in the Add Account module in New Business Solutions, you can populate multiple fields based on a previous record by typing the first few characters in a field, such as the Last Name field, and a drop-down will appear with records. Selecting a record will populate additional fields from that record. Use the following steps to identify and use records that exist in Redtail to populate additional fields in the Add Account session.

Step 1: Use the Last Name field under the Account Holder Information section of an Add Account session to populate additional fields. Start by typing in the first few characters of the client’s last name:

Step 2: Once you type in more than one character, you’ll see a dropdown appear with records that you can choose from to populate additional fields. Redtail records are indicated with the Redtail logo. Scroll until you find the client’s Redtail record, and select by left-clicking with your mouse:

The session will populate additional fields using the information for the client that exists in Redtail. 

Integration functionality:

  • Account feed - Account data is pushed from Securities America to Redtail based off of the Tax ID Number.
  • Advantage Workstation - the ability to setup Single-Sign-On or SSO with Redtail from Advantage, the ability to use New Business Solutions to create new records in Redtail, and the ability to pull client information from Redtail to populate fields in New Business Solutions and ultimately account paperwork.

Securities America resources:

View their website here

If you are looking for other Data Feeds, click here!

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