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Integration Type:

Account Feed - Custodian

Setting up the integration:

There are two different components to the integration with Scottrade Advisor Services.

Note: for either of these integrations to be available to you, you must first subscribe to Scottrade's business-building package of Redtail CRM and MoneyGuidePro™ and have a trial account established with Redtail.  Please contact your Advisor Services team at Scottrade when you are ready to activate your Redtail subscription.

1.  The first is SSO (Single Sign-On) from your Scottrade Advisor Portal to Redtail CRM.  After you have subscribed to Redtail through Scottrade's bundling package, you can establish the SSO yourself.  To do so, simply go to your Advisor Services Portal and under the Advisor Tools menu you'll see an option to connect to Redtail CRM:




Just click Redtail and you'll then be prompted for your Redtail username and password.  After entering and saving, going forward you can automatically log in to Redtail by clicking the Redtail link.

2.  The second available part of the integration is an account feed from Scottrade to Redtail.  In order to initiate setup of this feed, simply contact your Scottrade Advisor Services team and let them know you would like to activate the feed.  Once they have confirmed that they are sending account information for your Scottrade Unique ID, please email your Scottrade Unique ID and Redtail CRM username to so Redtail Support can set up the integration to receive the account data. 


Integration functionality:

Account data is pushed from Scottrade to Redtail based off of the Tax ID Number

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