Orion Advisor Technology

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Orion Advisor Technology

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Account Feed -  Portfolio Management

Setting up the integration:

There are multiple components to the Orion Advisor integration: 1) an account feed, 2) two-way sync of contact data, 3) New Account Wizard, 4) Trading Platform, 5) Insight, 6) Reports, 7) Orion Connect, and 8) Portfolio View.

For the account feed, contact Orion's Integrations Support Team and they will provide you with the necessary information to establish the account feed into Redtail. You can reach Orion Support via email (), phone (888.695.0523), or chat (within Orion). They also offer a handy Redtail wizard you can use in the Integrations app that will generate an email template including Firm ID & rep mapping. Once you have this information, send it to Redtail Support at support@redtailtechnology.com where the feed can be set up.

In addition to the account feed, you'll have the other options mentioned above accessible to you from within Redtail via the Integrations icon.  To enable those options, you'll need to enable the Orion integration within your database. Instructions for enabling integrations can be found here.

After enabling the integration, each database user that needs access to the additional Orion options will then need to choose Settings from the gear icon for Orion in that same area:

After clicking Settings, they will then see the below:

Click "Authorize Access to Orion" and then enter your Orion credentials and click "Sign In":

You will then see the following:

Click "Allow."

Once these steps have been completed, go back to your Manage Integrations page in Redtail and click the Settings option for Orion again. You'll see the below:


Place a check in the box here that says "Enable 2 way sync with Orion Advisor and click save.

All components of the Orion integration will then be accessible to you.

Integration functionality:

  • Account feed data is pushed from Orion Advisor to Redtail based off of the Tax ID Number. You can read how to work with Unlinked Accounts here.
  • To access the other Orion options, while within a Contact Record in Redtail, click your Integrations Menu and then select Orion Advisor. You'll then see the below (though all of these won't be available until you have linked the client to their household within Orion):


Let's take a look at these other components of the integration accessible from the Integrations modal:

New Account Wizard

After clicking this option, if you haven't previously sent the client to Orion, you'll be prompted to select a representative:


If you click inside that Representative box, you'll see a list you can select from. Once you've done so, click the "send to orion" button. This will open up a new Orion screen, where you'll be on the New Account Wizard within Orion's New Accounts Center:


You can follow onscreen prompts and enter any required data to set up your new account here. Note that this is also where you can set up household linking for clients, and using this option automatically creates a new Head of Household. Until you've linked the client to their Orion household, many of the below options on the Orion integrations modal in Redtail won't be available to you.

If the household does currently exist in Orion, the client record will autolink based upon the SSN on the household if there is a match found. When that's the case,

  • while within a Contact Record in Redtail, click your Integrations Menu and then select Orion Advisor. You'll then see the below:

  • If there are multiple SSN matches, as in the example above, you will be given the option to select which household you want to link the client to.

Two-Way Sync

After you've linked a household, two-way syncing will become available between Redtail and Orion, but will not initiate until an update is made in either system to the household. Note: whichever platform (Redtail or Orion) is updated first will become the point of reference for the initial sync and will override what is currently listed in the other platform for the fields below; so, on your first sync you'll want to make sure you're updating within the platform that has the below fields complete. For that first and all subsequent syncs, mapping for which fields are included is as follows:


Below is a recording of a webinar we did with Orion going over the details of this two-way sync:

Trading Platform

Clicking this option will refresh the area directly below these Orion options in the Orion integrations modal within Redtail. You'll then see something like the below in this area, though of course it will be populated with trade data should the client have any to display here:


Insight are the default data that is displayed directly below these Orion options in the Orion integrations modal within Redtail. What you'll see here are a number of tiles (scroll to see them all) with information relevant to the client from the different integrations you've established with your Orion account.


Clicking the Reports option changes the data displayed directly beneath these Orion options, allowing you to click-to-run any of number of Custom or Standard Orion Reports:


After selecting a report in this area, click that Next button beneath the list of Reports and you'll then see onscreen prompts to allow you to set additional parameters for the data you'd like to see included in your chosen Report.

Orion Connect

If you click Orion Connect, a new page within Orion will open where you'll have direct access to a list of Orion Applications:

Orion Portfolio View

  • Clicking the Orion tab on your Today page in Redtail CRM will display Orion Portfolio View within Redtail, fully navigable and offering the same options you had when you were within Orion:


    Note: you can set the above as your default login page for Redtail by going to Preferences --> General Options within Redtail and selecting Orion Dashboard as your Default Login Screen.

  • Clicking the Orion Portfolio tab in the Accounts area of Redtail CRM for one of your individual clients will display that client’s Portfolio Summary from Orion as well as all of the detailed reporting options accessible via Orion. Note: the Orion Portfolio tab won't show up here for a contact until household linking has been done for the client within Orion. See the New Account Wizard section above for more information on linking households.


Orion Advisor resources:

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