Orion Advisor

Integration Name:

Orion Advisor

Integration Type:

Account Feed - Data Aggregation

Setting up the integration:

There are two components to the Orion Advisor integration: 1) an account feed and 2) access to Orion Connect, Orion Reports and Households.

For the account feed, contact Orion and they will provide you with the necessary information to establish the account feed into Redtail.  Once you have this information, send it to Redtail Support at where the feed can be set up. 

In addition to the account feed, you'll have further options available to you within Redtail via Orion Connect.  To enable those options, you'll need to enable the Orion integration within your database. Instructions for enabling integrations can be found here.

After enabling the integration, each database user that needs access to Orion Connect will then need to choose Settings from the gear icon for Orion in that same area:

After clicking Settings, they will then see the below:


Click "Authorize Access to Orion" and then enter your Orion credentials and click "Sign In":


You will then see the following:


Click "Allow."

Once these steps have been completed, Orion Connect will be accessible to you.

Integration functionality:

  • Account feed data is pushed from Orion Advisor to Redtail based off of the Tax ID Number. You can read how to work with Unlinked Accounts here.
  • To access Orion Connect, click your Integrations Menu and then select Orion Advisor. You'll then see the below:



If you then click Orion Connect, you'll see and have direct access to a list of Orion Applications within your CRM (partial screenshot of those applications is below):


If you are within a contact record when you click Orion from your Integrations menu, you'll see additional options available to you:

  • Reports — clicking this option will present you with a list of Orion reports you can view for the contact record you are currently viewing:

  • View Households — clicking this option will make a call to Orion's API to find the household there with a SSN that matches the record you're currently viewing. If there is a matching household, you'll then see a couple of options presented:

    Launch Household Overview will take you directly to the Orion Household Overview for that contact. Launch Household Reports will take you to Orion's Report's Menu, where you have quick access to recently viewed reports, as well as the ability to run a number of custom and standard reports for the household.

Note: the View Households option is also accessible from a contact's Accounts page. You'll see the icon to View Households to the left of the Account Options button on that page:


After clicking this, you'll see the same options as you saw above under View Households: Launch Household Overview and Launch Household Reports.


Orion Advisor resources:

The Orion Advisor resource page 

The Orion Advisor Sales Team 

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