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Integration Type:

Document Storage

Setting up the integration:

You will need to enable the NetDocuments integration within your database before you can begin using it. Instructions for enabling integrations can be found here.

Then, from the Manage Integrations page where the integration was just enabled, you will need to click Settings under the Actions menu for NetDocuments: 


You'll then see the below: 


Click the "Authorize Access to NetDocuments" button here. You can then login to NetDocuments to establish the connection between Redtail CRM and your NetDocuments account. You're then ready to begin using the integration.

Once you've set up a client's Workspace within NetDocuments, the process for establishing that link to their record within Redtail is very straightforward.

First, go to the contact's Documents area

In the Contact's Documents area, click NetDocuments Workspace in the Document Views box: 


Then, click Link Workspace:

You'll receive a dialog to select the Cabinet and Workspace you want to link to your contact record (if you are not currently logged into your NetDocuments account, it will first prompt you for your NetDocs credentials): 


Note: Clicking inside the Cabinet box will display your available Cabinets. After selecting, the Workspace Name you type in the workspace box must exactly match the name of the Workspace within NetDocuments or you will receive an invalid message after clicking Link Workspace.

After selecting your Cabinet, typing in your Workspace Name and clicking Link Workspace, you'll then have access to that contact's actual NetDocuments Workspace within Redtail:


Note: if you ever need to unlink the NetDocuments workspace from the record, there is an "Unlink Workspace" option in the upper right corner (see above) which will allow you to so.

Integration functionality:

If you subscribe to both Redtail and NetDocuments (Professional or Professional + versions only), you can now view your client Workspaces from NetDocuments within that contact's record in Redtail. Note: this integration does not support NetDocuments set up in a folder structure.

NetDocuments resources:

For questions about how to work within NetDocuments, you can refer to their help documentation here. Or, they are available by phone at 1.866.NETDOCS (1.866.638.3627).

If you are looking for other Document Storage systems, click here!


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