Citrix ShareFile

If you have a Citrix ShareFile account, you can link your contact's ShareFile folders to a ShareFile Documents area within Redtail CRM.

To enable this integration, an admin user of your database will need to enable the ShareFile integration within your database. Instructions for enabling integrations can be found here.

Then, from the Manage Integrations page where the integration was just enabled, they will need to click Settings under the Actions menu for Citrix Sharefile: 


The below dialog will appear: 


Here, enter your ShareFile username, password and domain.  (Note: your domain should not include a prefix of "https://" - if you enter a domain with that prefix, the integration will not work for you. Also note, the domain must have in it for it to work.)  Then click Save. 

You're then ready to begin linking ShareFile folders.

To do so, first go to the contact record whose folders you'd like to link.  Then, go to their Documents page: 


From there, click ShareFile Documents in the Document Views widget: 


You'll then see the below: 


Click Link to a ShareFile Folder to begin linking and follow the onscreen prompts.

Once you've linked a ShareFile folder to a contact record within Redtail CRM in this manner, you can then simply click any files within the CRM that you'd like to open up to view.

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