Albridge Solutions

Integration Name:

Albridge Solutions

Integration Type:

Account Feed - Portfolio Management

Setting up the integration:

Contact your Broker Dealer and let them know to turn on Albridge Services. Be sure to request your Partner User ID when you speak with them (we will need it to help you).

When your BD has notified you that web services are turned on, you can contact our support team by phone at 800-206-5030 opt. 3 then opt. 2 or by email at to provide for each rep for whom you want the feed turned on:

  1. Rep Name
  2. Rep SS#
  3. Rep Redtail username
  4. Broker Dealer
  5. PUID
  6. Database Owner’s Name (For Redtail)

We'll then set this up on our end and the feed typically begins 2-3 business days after setup. You'll know the feed has begun when you see accounts listed in your Unlinked Accounts.

You'll also need to enable the Albridge integration within your database. Instructions for enabling integrations can be found here.

Albridge Applink

Additionally, Albridge Applink is available to all database users who use the Single Sign-On option from Albridge into Redtail.

This option (a link to Redtail) will show up under your Control Center in Albridge - if you do not see it, you can contact your broker dealer home office to have it turned on.

It is only required that you login to Redtail using SSO from Albridge one time for Albridge Applink to be available to you within Redtail CRM.

For security purposes, the Albridge integration SSO feature is now a 1:1 relationship between Albridge and Redtail user logins. This means that all users will need their own logins for Albridge and Redtail and can only link to their own accounts. Please note this does not have any bearing on the Albridge account feed functionality.

Here are the steps you'll need to take to enable the Albridge SSO with Redtail:

  • Log in to your Albridge account.
  • Click External links > Redtail CRM. [If Redtail is not an option in the external links, you will need to contact your broker dealer to have them enable this option for you. Broker dealers have been made aware of this and should be able to assist easily.]
  • Select Existing login > log in to the CRM in that window.
  • Within that SAME pop-up window now displaying the CRM, click the Integrations menu and choose Albridge solutions.
  • SSO from there to complete the connection.


Integration functionality:

Account Numbers and Asset Balances are pushed from Albridge to Redtail based off of the Tax ID Number. Other account fields may be included in the push for individual accounts, but the account number and asset balances are the only guaranteed data to be included.

Applink services as an SSO from Albridge to Redtail.

Further Applink resources will be accessible from the Albridge Solutions widget available from your Integrations Menu, when on a client's Account Details page. After selecting Albridge from that menu, you'll see the modal below, and can click any of the options highlighted to SSO directly into Albridge and generate those reports:


Albridge resources:

Sign up for their Demos

Check out their website here! 

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