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Integration Type:

Financial Planning Tool

Setting up the integration:

There is no setup required on Redtail's end in order to begin using the integration.

Integration functionality:

WealthTrace provides web-based financial planning software designed to slash the amount of time advisors spend entering retirement plans.  The integration with Redtail allows you to send data to WealthTrace, further cutting down the need for manual data entry.

 To get started, just login to your WealthTrace account and click the Add Client Plan button: 


On the resulting page, click the Import Investments button:


You'll then see your Import Investments dialog: 


Here, you'll make sure that you have Redtail selected, indicate whether or not the import is brand new or an update of existing information, enter your Redtail Username and Password and click Save.

The dialog will then update, providing you with a Client Last Name box to search for your client within your Redtail CRM: 


After typing in the client's last name and clicking Search, a new dialog will open, displaying all contacts within your CRM whose last name matches what you searched for.  Click the client whose data you want to import.  You'll then see a new dialog, indicating all of the accounts available for import, and allowing you to exclude any that you don't want to import: 


After selecting the accounts to import, just click Save.  Once the import is complete, you'll receive a popup notification stating that your investments were imported successfully.  You can then begin using that data within WealthTrace.

Wealth Trace resources:

WealthTrace Website

WealthTrace YouTube

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