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Risk Analysis

Setting up the integration:

You can authorize the Riskalyze integration from the integrations menu in Redtail. After selecting Riskalyze from that menu, you'll see the below:




If you are not currently a Risklayze user, you can access a free trial from the button in the top right hand corner.

If you are already a Riskalyze subscriber, click the "Manage Integrations" link. You can then click "Settings" in the Actions menu for Riskalyze on your Manage Integrations page:



You'll then be redirected to Riskalyze, where you can enter your Riskalyze credentials to begin establishing the connection between the two platforms:


You'll then be prompted with an option to authorize access:


After clicking the authorization button here, if successful, you'll be redirected back to the Integrations menu within Redtail.

You'll also need to authorize the integration from the Riskalyze side. To do so:

  • Log in to Riskalyze and navigate to Menu ≡ (top right of your screen)> Settings: 
  • Click on the INTEGRATIONS tab, then choose Redtail from the list of options:
  • Enter your Redtail credentials, then click CONNECT.


A note on Risklayze Licenses: Riskalyze has a few plan types that don't integrate with Redtail:

  • Autopilot CLS (Autopilot Advisor)
  • Starter Edition.

For now, those plan types can’t connect to the integration even if they are advisor type accounts.


Integration functionality:

After setting up the integration, what you'll see when selecting Riskalyze from the Integrations menu in Redtail varies, depending on whether or not you are in a Contact Record in Redtail when selecting it. If you are not, you'll be presented with Single Sign-On access here, but nothing else:




If you are in a Contact Record in Redtail when selecting Riskalyze from your Integrations menu, in addition to the SSO option you'll also have contact-specific options available:




First, let's take a look at the last option in this window, "Link to a Riskalyze Client." You'll use this option when your Redtail client hasn't yet been linked to their record within your Riskalyze account. In the example above, we've entered the last name "rubble" to search to see if there is a corresponding record in Riskalyze. After clicking the "search" button, we might see the below:



If this is the client you are wanting to link, you can click "Select client" here and the link for this client will be established between the two platforms. Note: if you inadvertently link two clients incorrectly, it's a simple matter to come back to this area from within Redtail and unlink later:



After linking a client, you can begin using the other components of this integration.

  • Create Risk Questionnaire – Creates a link to the client's questionnaire from Riskalyze:


  •  Analyze Client Risk - Refresh the contact and update any information into Redtail from Riskalyze.

After a client's Risk Numbers have been determined in Riskalyze and you've clicked "Analyze Client Risk" here, this area for a contact in Redtail might now look like the below:



You are also able to view a client's Next Check-in Date and Last Sent On date. These are sent from Riskalyze but Redtail now pulls the dates for both from within Redtail CRM:



Note: you also have the ability to send contacts in bulk to Riskalyze from your Advanced Search Contact Options.

Riskalyze resources:

Riskalyze Website

If you are looking for more Risk Analysis, click here!

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