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Setting up the integration:

In order to set up your integration between Quik! and Redtail, you'll need to connect your Quik! App to Redtail.

To do so, go to the menu at the top of your Quik! account and select Settings:


In the Integrations section, you will see the CRM & Other Data Sources block. Click the ADD SOURCE button to show the Add Data Source pop-up:


Within the 'Add Source' pop up, please complete the following five (5) fields:


SELECT DATA SOURCE: This a dropdown list of all CRM connections the Quik! App currently supports. Select Redtail from the list. This is important-- you must have a valid, active account with Redtail in order to connect it to the Quik! App.

CONNECTION NAME: Name your connection here. Since you may have multiple accounts with the same CRM, you will need to give each a descriptive name so that you know which is which. For example, "Office Redtail".

ENTER USER NAME: Type in the user name that belongs to your Redtail account.

ENTER PASSWORD: Type in the password that belongs to your Redtail account.

Once the above information has been entered, you can click the TEST CONNECTION button to ensure that the connection can be made. If the user name or password you entered is incorrect, the test will fail. Otherwise, you will see a success message indicating that the connection is valid. Click the ADD button to add the connection to your account.

CONNECTION VISIBILITY: Select from the dropdown if you would like your CRM connection to be Public (Available To All Users) or Private (Available Only To You)

All active connections are listed in the CRM & Other Data Sources block, and can be edited with the pencil icon, and deleted with the x icon:


Once added, connections can be selected on the ADD CLIENTS page to prefill your forms. 

Integration functionality:

Once you've set the integration up, you can add client info from Redtail to your forms in Quik!. They have provided a detailed write-up for how to go about doing this here.

Quik has also provided a list of the form fields that can be pre-filled from Redtail here.

In addition, you can SSO from Redtail into Quik! Click the integrations icon in Redtail and select Quik!


You'd then see the below, allowing your Single Sign-on into Quik!:


If you access the Quik! integration while within a contact record in Redtail, the above  will provide you with the option to send the contact to QuikForms:


Quik! resources:

Quik! Website

If you are looking for more Form Filling Software, click here!

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