Pershing NetX360

Integration Name:

Pershing NetX360

Integration Type:

Financial Planning Tool

Setting up the integration:

In order to initiate your Redtail integration with NetX360, you would first need to contact your Pershing Account Manager or Home Office to enable this integration. There is an entitlement that must be enabled on their end prior to your use of the integration.

Once Pershing has indicated this has been enabled for you, you can enter your Redtail username and password in the specified area within NetX360, which will then allow you to see your Redtail CRM within NetX360. 

All of the setup for this integration is on Pershing's side, so if you're uncertain where to enter your Redtail credentials within NetX360, they will be able to point you to the correct location to do so.

Integration functionality:

The integration allows for simplified client onboarding, enabling you to leverage prospect data you have in Redtail by pre-populating account opening forms with a client’s information through Pershing’s new Client Onboarding solution.  Within NetX360's Client Onboarding area, you can select the Pre-Fill option and select Redtail as the Source.  You can then search for contact names from your CRM and select the one you want to bring into the Onboarding process.  

The following data fields for your contacts can be pulled over from Redtail in this process:

First Name
Middle Name
Last Name
If a contact type other than Individual in Redtail, the Name field will be pulled rather than the above fields
Tax Identifier

Tax Type (Individual is SSN, Entity is TaxID#)
Marital Status
Driver's License Number
Driver's License State
Driver's License Issue Date
Driver's License Expiration Date 
Passport ID
Greencard ID
Addresses: Legal Address; Address that is flagged as Primary that is not a PO Box Mailing Address; Address that is specified as Mailing Address in the CRM
Phone Numbers

Email Addresses
Tax Bracket: 
Low (<=15%)
Mid (<=32%)
High (<=50%)
Top (>50%)

Pershing NetX360 resources:

Pershing NetX360 Website

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