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Setting up the integration:

There are several components to this integration, including 1) SSO and sending MarketingPro documents to Redtail, and 2) syncing contacts from Redtail to MarketingPro.

We'll break down setup for each of these below, and follow that with integration functionality for each of these components.

Setup - SSO and sending MarketingPro documents to Redtail

First, you'll need to enable the MarketingPro integration within your database. Instructions for enabling integrations can be found here.

Then, from the Manage Integrations page where the integration was just enabled, you will need to click Settings under the Actions menu for MarketingPro: 


You'll then see the below: 

Here, you'll need to obtain your Authentication Code from MarketingPro, Inc., if you don't already have it. This is accessible from within your MarketingPro account under Settings --> CRM Integration --> Redtail CRM. After you've entered it here, click Save.

To send documents from MarketingPro to Redtail, click on the document within MarketingPro you want to send. At the bottom of the page where the document is then displayed, you'll see a button you can click that says "Add To Redtail": 

Go to a description of the functionality this part of the setup enables.

Setup -  Syncing contacts from Redtail to MarketingPro

  • Log into your MarketingPro account.
  • On the Member Home page, click the Contact link on your left navigation bar. From the resulting dropdown menu, select Sync Contacts.
  • On the resulting page, locate the Sync Contact area and select "For Redtail CRM users."
  • On the Redtail integration page, select "Enable Redtail Contact Synchronization."
  • Enter your Redtail username and password and click Verify. 

Go to a description of the functionality this part of the setup enables.


Integration functionality:

Again, there are several components to the integration - we'll cover the functionality for each of these in the same order below as we did above. 

Functionality - SSO and sending MarketingPro documents to Redtail 

If you subscribe to both MarketingPro and Redtail, you can send pieces from MarketingPro to Redtail to run merges with your individual clients (or you can do so in bulk).

After setting up the integration and pushing your desired documents from MarketingPro to Redtail, you'll have several options available to you from your Integrations Menu. After clicking that menu, and selecting MarketingPro, you'll see the below: 


  • Single Sign On will automatically log you into your MarketingPro account.
  • Manage Available Documents will display the documents you've already pushed over into Redtail from MarketingPro (and allow you to remove them using their Actions menu, should you so desire).
  • Create New Document will allow you to choose one of those "pushed" documents to merge with the contact you're currently working with. If you click this option, the dialog will expand with a box that allows you to choose from your "pushed" documents. Just click your desired documents and then click the "Create Document" button. The document will download as a Microsoft Word doc. 

Functionality - Syncing contacts from Redtail to MarketingPro

After the verification step in the setup for this component of the integration, MarketingPro will begin pulling contact information from Redtail, in most cases w/i the hour (if you have thousands of contacts, the first sync may be delayed until after business hours).

If you already have contacts in MarketingPro, Redtail Contact Synchronization will automatically attempt to determine matches in Redtail CRM. Also, if you wish, you’ll also still be able to create new contacts in MarketingPro, ones that aren’t in Redtail CRM. 

Fields included in the sync:
• Contact Names and Spouses - Nicknames, Family Names, Company Names, Titles
• Gender
• Dates of Birth
• Wedding Anniversaries
• Client Start Dates
• Addresses
• Emails
• Phone Numbers (with Extensions)
• Websites
• Familial Relationship Data

Redtail Contact Synchronization currently does not synchronize the following:

  • Contact notes
  • Contact groups
  • Company/Trust/Union/Association groups

Make your updates to your contacts in Redtail - this sync will update them automatically in MarketingPro. If you don’t see a change for a contact immediately, you can speed it up by going into the contact profile in MarketingPro and clicking the “Edit Detail Link” and then clicking “Update from Redtail.” That updated contact information from Redtail will then sync over immediately.

Note: The sync connection only brings information over to MarketingPro; it does not push information from MarketingPro to Redtail. Once you have activated the sync system it will identify duplicate profiles in both systems and update them with the information from Redtail. If you wish to update information on a synced client’s profile, you will need to update the information in your Redtail account for the update to reflect on both accounts.


MarketingPro resources:

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