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Marketing Tool

Setting up the integration:

To begin using the integration, you will need to establish an account with MailChimp. Next, you'll need to enable the Mail Chimp integration within your database. Instructions for enabling integrations can be found here.

Then, from the Manage Integrations page where the integration was just enabled, you will need to click Settings under the Actions menu for Mail Chimp: 


You'll then see the below: 


You can then obtain your API Key from within your MailChimp account - you will need to enter this here and save.

Integration functionality:

You can go to contact's record in Redtail, click their Common Tasks icon and select "Send to MailChimp": 

After clicking the Send to MailChimp link, you'll see a dialog where you can select which of your MailChimp lists to add the contact to and also an option to send the contact an Opt-in Email (read more about MailChimp's opt-in process here.)

After making your selections, click Add to MailChimp List.

You can also send contacts to MailChimp in bulk.  To do so, pull up the group of contacts you want to send on your Search page within Redtail.  Then, from the Contact Options menu, choose Bulk Actions: 


Next, choose "Send to Mailchimp": 


You'll then see the same dialog you see when sending an individual contact, allowing you to select the MailChimp list in which to place these contacts.  Just complete the Send to MailChimp in the manner as described above.

Whether sending individually or in bulk, contacts' First Names, Last Names, and Primary Email Addresses are the fields sent from Redtail to MailChimp.

MailChimp resources:

MailChimp Website

MailChimp Support

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