Integrations Menu - Accessible from Top Right Menu

You have several options available with some of Redtail's integration partners from the Integrations widget accessible from the Top Right Menu bar: 


Your available integrations here when hovering over this will vary, dependent upon the integrations enabled within your database under Manage Integrations.

Your available integration options here will also vary, dependent upon whether or not you are in a contact record or not when clicking this option. 

Those two caveats stated, below is a sample look at a portion of what you might see when hovering over the Integrations option: 


Clicking on any of these will offer you different options, dependent upon what each integration offers. As but one example, if you have the eMoney integration enabled within your database and you click that option here, you'd see the below: 


You can see here you have options to:

  • Visit eMoney's website.
  • Single Sign On into your eMoney account.
  • Send the contact record you're currently working with to eMoney.
  • Go Back to the Integrations widget.

As stated above, each Integration within this widget may offer different options, but you can get to those options in the same manner as we arrived at the eMoney options above.


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