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inStream Solutions

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Financial Planning Tool

Setting up the integration:

There are just a few simple steps to setup the Redtail integration:

  • Contact and let them know that you are interested in the Redtail integration.
  • Provide them with your firm’s Redtail Database Owner’s (DBO) username - please, no passwords.
  • Their Support team will turn on your firm’s Redtail integration and notify you when it’s ready.
Important note: all contacts from Redtail CRM will be accessible to the Redtail Database Owner within inStream, but any Permissioning settings you have established within Redtail will carry over to inStream  for those database users given access to inStream.

After you are notified your firm is ready for the integration, you can set up the integration to link and import your clients and their accounts.

The setup for this integration is done entirely within your inStream account.  To get started, your database owner should login to inStream as an Administrator (rather than as an Advisor):


After logging in as an Administrator, go to the Integrations tab where you will find Redtail under the CRM section.  Click Edit to input your Redtail credentials:


The administrator will need to enter the firm’s Redtail Database Owner’s (DBO) credentials and click Connect to Redtail:


You will receive a 'Success!' notification if the correct DBO credentials are entered. You will now be able to see all of your Redtail contacts* and accounts when you login as an Advisor. Your firm’s users will now have access to the Redtail Integration if they enter their own set of Redtail credentials while logged in as Advisors (described below).

Next, login as an Advisor to enter your Redtail advisor credentials:


Go to the Settings section of inStream and click on the Integrations tab. Navigate to the CRM tab and click the Edit button:


Enter your set of Redtail credentials and click Connect to Redtail: 


When you see the success notification, the Redtail integration is now setup. It could take a few minutes before you are able to see all of your Redtail data, dependent upon the number of contacts in your database.

*Only Contacts with a Type of Individual are imported into inStream — they filter out Businesses, Unions, Associations and Trusts.

Integration functionality:

This particular integration will allow you to import contact information and accounts into inStream. The import pulls complete client households and all of their accounts with a click of a button.  inStream will update your clients’ data on a daily basis, once they have been imported.

inStream resources:

inStream Website

inStream Login

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