Integration Name:


Integration Type:

Account Feed - Custodian

Setting up the integration:

  1. Obtain your Gnumber from AVDF/Fidelity
  2. Contact our Support team via Phone or Email and provide us with the rep name and Gnumber to set up
  3. Your firm will need to complete the "Account Criteria Request – Custody" form, and submit via Wealthscape using Service Center. The VTR form can be found in Wealthscape under Service > Forms Library. Please submit the VTR form via Wealthscape under Service Center>Product Support>Platform Integration>Third Party Transmission Request. *Please note in order to submit this form your firm must have the Letter of Understanding and Supplement to Investment Advisor Representation and Indemnification Letter on file. Most firms already have this document on file. If you are unsure if your firm has this document on please, please confirm with your Client Service Manager or the AVDF Team. If your firm does not have this document on file, your Client Service Manager or the AVDF Team will direct you to the team to obtain this document. Once this document is on file, you can submit the VTR form
  4. Once the form is received via Service Center in good order, AVDF/Fidelity will create your data feed to Redtail. Please note AVDF/Fidelity’s expected resolution time- “Requests received by Wednesday at 12:00 PM ET will be processed Friday of the same week. All Requests submitted after the deadline will be processed on Friday of the following week.”

If you have any questions regarding the Vendor Transmission Request or questions around the process, please contact your Client Service Manager or the AVDF Team.

For Fidelity Tech Support requests (i.e. related to Single Sign On from Wealthscape – setup and troubleshooting), you can use the following phone number: Fidelity Institutional Technical Support: 800-523-5518 option 3.


Integration functionality:

Account data is pushed from Fidelity to Redtail based off of the Tax ID Number.

Fidelity resources:

Fidelity Documentation is locked for their users only. Please contact them about any questions in regard to their content.

You can also find helpful information on their advisor channel on YouTube.

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