eMoney Advisor (emX)

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eMoney Advisor

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Financial Planning Tool


Setting up the integration:

If you subscribe to both Redtail CRM and eMoney Advisor, this integration will allow you to send basic contact information from Redtail to eMoney and to access eMoney Spotlight from within your client records in Redtail. Additionally, with eMoney's new updated platform, emX, you will be able to synchronize information, such as client contact information, spousal information, account information, notes and tasks, between Redtail and eMoney, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry and helping you stay organized in your client relationship management efforts.

Each CRM user who wishes to use the eMoney integration must have their own eMoney credentials.

Before setting up this integration, one of your database admins will need to enable it within your CRM. Instructions for doing so can be found here.

Then, from the Manage Integrations page where the integration was just enabled, you will need to click Settings under the Actions menu for eMoney:

You'll then see the below: 


For the Partner Name field: By default, all users are set up under the eMoney Advisor (EMA) option. However, you can change this if you’re under one of the other partners listed in this Partner Name pulldown menu. Then, just click Save.

The remaining features of this integration require some setup on the eMoney side. From the emX Advisor Homepage, find the Integrations tab and click “View All Integrations” to access the emX integration selection Page:


You should see Redtail as one of the available integration partners and, after clicking that option, you'll be carried to a Redtail informational page that displays a "Turn On" button:


Click that button and you'll be prompted for your Redtail credentials:


Enter your credentials there and click "Connect". You will then be able to synchronize information from Redtail into eMoney (from the eMoney side).

After this initial sign-in, you can navigate to your integration at any point by clicking “Integrations”, and then clicking "View All Integrations". At that point you'll see the Redtail icon as one of your choices, and clicking it will take you to the integration within eMoney. Note: if you click "Integrations" here and then click "Redtail" directly from the resulting menu, that offers you Single Sign-On into Redtail CRM:



NOTE: in order both to avoid creating duplicate contacts in eMoney and to see eMoney Spotlight for a contact within Redtail CRM, it is important that you use the Send To function from Redtail to move your contacts over into eMoney first, rather than using the Sync contact option from their side first.


Integration functionality:

To send a client to eMoney, click your Integrations Menu in Redtail when within a contact record and select eMoney. You'll then see the below:


Whether you click "Single Sign On" or "Send To", you will be prompted to enter your eMoney credentials the first time you do this. Each user should only have to enter these credentials once. After entering your credentials and clicking Allow Access, eMoney will open up.  You can then search for the client you've just sent (if you selected the "Send To" option) and you should see the data for them has been sent over from Redtail.

Fields included in this Send to eMoney are:

  • First name, Last name
  • Date of birth
  • Email1, Email2
  • Home, work and cell phone
  • Work Fax
  • Primary and work address
  • Employer / Company name
  • Title

What you won't see at this point after the Send-to from Redtail are the additional contact details, spousal info, account info, notes, and activities that you can bring over from Redtail by syncing that data from the eMoney side.

To sync that additional information from the eMoney side, click the Integrations header in eMoney and select "View All Integrations" (if you click "Redtail" from this menu - see image below - that is simply an SSO option into Redtail CRM itself). 


After clicking "View All Integrations", you can click the Redtail icon on the resulting screen:


Then, choose the "Manage Clients" option:


You'll then see a list of your Redtail contacts (in alphabetical order). You can use the search box to search for your desired client by last name:


In the below example, you've searched for the last name "Investor":


You would then click the slider next to John Investor, as he is the client you've just sent to eMoney. After doing so, you'll see that you have the option with John to "Link to Existing Client" or "Import as New Client." You'll want to choose the former:


You'll then see the below:


If you click that "Search" button, all contacts with a last name of Investor within eMoney will be displayed. Click your desired contact and you'll next see an option as to whether or not you want the sync to auto-link the contact's accounts from Redtail:


After making that selection, you can then click "Link Client". Once the sync has completed, if you return to the client's Overview within eMoney, you'll see that additional data has been synced over to eMoney. Going forward Tasks, Notes, and Contact data will sync back to Redtail from eMoney:


Now, let's turn our attention to how eMoney Spotlight displays within Redtail after you've sent the contact from Redtail to eMoney.

Note: eMoney Spotlight is accessible, after you've sent a client to eMoney, by clicking on eMoney from the Integrations Menu when within that contact's record:


After clicking eMoney Spotlight from this modal, it will update as in the below example:


Clicking the "single sign on" button will provide you with one-click access to the client's Alerts, Connections, Dashboard and/or Tasks within eMoney.

Clicking the "rank" option provides you with one-click access to switch between Rank, Financials, Investments, Insurance and/or Vault for the client from eMoney. Clicking one of those options will display information for that selection within the modal itself, as in the example below for this client's Financials:




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