Cities Digital (Laserfiche)

Integration Name:

Cities Digital (Laserfiche)

Integration Type:

Document Storage

Setting up the integration:

If you are a subscriber to both Redtail CRM and a web-based version of Laserfiche, an integration exists between the two.  The setup on the Redtail side is very straightforward.  Just go to Manage Integrations and enable the integration. Then, click the Settings option under the Actions menu for CitiesDigital on that page:

You'll then see the below: 


If you do not know what to enter here for the Install Path, you would need to contact Laserfiche or your account manager at Cities Digital to obtain the URL.

Integration functionality:

Integration options for Laserfiche are available from your Integrations Menu and you will also have access to Laserfiche from a contact's Documents area.

APP resources:

Cities Digital (Laserfiche) Website

If you have any questions about installation or functionality, please contact Laserfiche Support.

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