Cambridge CLIC

Integration Name:

Cambridge CLIC

Integration Type:

Financial Planning Tool

Setting up the integration:

If you are a subscriber to Redtail CRM and are also a Cambridge rep, you can set up an integration between the two platforms.  The setup on the Redtail side is very straightforward.  

You'll need to enable the CLIC integration within your database. Instructions for enabling integrations can be found here. Then, from the Manage Integrations page, click Settings from CLIC's Actions menu:


You'll then see the below: 


If you do not know what to enter here, you would need to contact Cambridge for the Username and Password to enter.

You will also need to enter your Redtail credentials within CLIC.  Cambridge will be able to guide you to the location within CLIC where you enter your Redtail credentials if you are unable to locate that area.

Integration functionality:

Once you've entered your credentials in both platforms, you will then have the ability to send contact data from Redtail to CLIC from your Integrations Menu.

APP resources:

Cambridge Website

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