Advisor Websites

Integration Name:

Advisor Websites

Integration Type:

Marketing Tool

Setting up the integration:

To activate and setup, you can see setup info from Advisor Websites here.

Integration Spotlight:

Click Here for a recorded Best Practice spotlight webinar featuring Advisor Websites and Redtail

Integration functionality:

If you have a website through Advisor Websites, you can now automatically create contacts within Redtail CRM generated from a lead capture form (built as a new page on your website).

Note: New contacts can be created with default values in the status and source fields so that you can identify that they are coming from your website. To add options to your status or source list, login to Redtail CRM and go to Manage Your AccountManage Database Lists.

You can find a recorded session that goes through the setup process and how to work with data further in Redtail HERE.

APP resources:

Advisor Website Resources

If you are looking for more Marketing Tools, click here!

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