(CLASSIC REDTAIL IMAGING) What Reports are available in Redtail Imaging?

To access Imaging Reports, select your desired Report from the Reporting option in your navigation menu:




On the resulting page, you'll see the Report you selected, as well as links to the other reports available:



There are currently three reports available here, accessible from the right-hand column:


Images added over time:



This report displays the number of Images added (represented by light blue vertical bar) and the number of KB (kilobytes) added (represented by the red line). You can see numbers for each on a given date by hovering your cursor over either the date's blue vertical bar or over its associated dot on the red line:






Storage Usage Activity over time:



This report displays your storage usage over time. Hovering your cursor over the dot for a given day will allow you to see how much of your total storage space you were using on that date:



Storage Usage Per User



This report displays the total amount of Imaging Storage used by your Top 10 Imaging database users. In our example above, this database only has one user that has uploaded any images, so that is all of the information displayed. Hovering your cursor over a user's blue bar will display their name and the total amount of storage they have used:


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