(CLASSIC REDTAIL IMAGING) How do I create and apply Personal Indexes in Imaging? How do I search for Indexed Images?

Personal Indexes are available to give you greater search capabilities than those available through the general search in Imaging. They allow you to decide the ways in which you might want to search for an Image or Folder and the capability to then index them according to the personal indexes you’ve created. Click on the Manage link that appears when you hover over Indexes in your Imaging navigation bar to add, edit or delete Personal Indexes for Index Search purposes:



Index Fields

Below is an example of the Index Fields page within an account that has already added some personal indexes. We’ll discuss working with existing Personal Indexes after we take a look at adding a New Index.


Add New Index

In the example above, note the Add Index Field button above the existing Personal Indexes. Click on that button whenever you want to add a new Personal Index to your Imaging database. You will then see the following:



Type the name of your new Personal Index (this will show up as your Index’s Name, an example in the Index Fields section above being “Document Date Signed".)  Then, from the Field Type menu, choose whether you want your new Index to be a Text Box, True/False selection, Yes/No selection or List Box:



If your Field type is anything other than "Listbox", you can then simply click Add Field and your new Personal Index will be available to apply to Images. If your Field type is "Listbox", you will need to enter the values you want to make available for this particular index for your Imaging database users prior to clicking Add Field. As an example, let's say we want to add a new Index, Writing Advisor, and set it up as a Listbox with three possible writing advisors as options.  After selecting Listbox, your Add Index Field dialog will change, providing you with a Values box. In the example below, we've filled this out, using the Fast Entry, pipe-separated values we want available for Writing Advisor. If you'd prefer, you can click the Classic Entry tab and enter possible values one at a time:


Once done, just click Add Field.


Edit Index

If you would like to edit a Personal Index you previously created, you can do so from the Manage Indexes page (the same page from which you add new ones).  Let's say that we left off a possible value for our Writing Advisor Index, and we need to go back to add that in.  To do so, simply click the down arrow in the Actions column to the left of Writing Advisor and select "Edit":



We'd then see the below:



We could then type our new value and click Add Value to complete the edit. Be aware, though, that you can also edit an Index's Name from this Edit dialog and/or remove a list value by clicking the X to its right.  And, if you decide you don't want to make the change that you've begun, just click Cancel. To save the change, just click Update Field.


Delete Index

To delete an Index from your database, simply click the down arrow in the Actions column that corresponds to that Index and then click Delete.  You'll receive the below popup warning for the Index you want to delete — if you want to proceed, you'll then just click Delete:



Add Personal Index to Image or Folder

We've now covered adding, editing and deleting Personal Indexes.  Here we'll take a look at how you apply an Index to an Image or Folder.  

You'll first need to navigate within your Libraries to the Folder or Image you'd like to index. Once you've located it, just click the down arrow in the corresponding Actions column and click View / Add Indexes:



After clicking on this, you will be taken to a page that lists all of your Personal Indexes, where you can then assign values for any or all of them to the Image or Folder with which you're working.  Below is an example of the screen with sample Personal Indexes:



If we were to add Indexes for some of these, this might look like the below after we have saved our changes and returned to this area:



Note that in the box on the right you can both see all indexes that have been applied to the Image or Folder as well as delete any that may no longer apply.

Once you’ve assigned a value to an Image or Folder for one of these Personal Indexes, it then becomes searchable using the Index Search for that Index.


Search Indexes

In order to search for Images based upon Indexes applied to them, select "Search" from your Indexes menu:



You'll then see the below (though of course the Index Fields available will be personalized to each individual database):



Just enter or choose the Index Field values you want to search for in the Index Fields box on the right and run your search.  Any Images or Folders that meet all of the parameters you've indicated will be returned in your Index Search Results.



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